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1755 Industrial Way. #19 Napa,Ca 94558
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                                      Providing the San Francisco Bay Area with quality patio furniture restoration and repair for three decades !


Meet the Crew


                                                                                                                                                                                              Above pictured chairs Brown Jordan Walter Lamb Arm Chairs

          Peter & Linda Geyer both classic educated with bachelor degrees from Sonoma State University had no idea that they would be where they are today. Pete was liberal arts and had his teaching credential. Pete after school went and worked several jobs in mental health services. Linda was educated with a bachelor in social services, further she spent time at Monterey International School becoming fluent in 3 languages. She had several jobs though she found her calling at Rutherford Hill Winery in upper management. Pete's Uncle Jim in Florida was a seat weaver, and had even taught blind people how to weave, so surlily Pete could pick it up. Uncle Jim gave Pete his first taste of seat weaving, supplies, and some books. Pete came home a really did not open away shop. He fixed a few things in his spare time for himself as well as relatives. Linda said to Pete "if you’re going to do this then do it!” Pete ran with it. In their detached garage Pete opened shop , and the rest is the American dream.

The couple had a friend who said one day “if you can hand weave my old indoor chairs I am sure you can weave my Brown Jordan.” Not even knowing who or what Brown Jordan was, they began to do research. They found it to be an outdoor furniture company, when they contacted Brown Jordan they were very happy and willing to show them how to repair their furniture. In fact they were looking for someone in Northern California to do warranty repair. Within a week Peter was on a plane to Brown Jordan in El Monte California. For a week Peter worked in the Brown Jordan plant, and was taught from the bottom to the top how Brown Jordan was made. Now it was back to Napa to the detached garage and they began to advertise a new part of their business. That was back in eighties now they restore and repair all types and constancy adding to the list of patio furniture they represent. All is brought back to it's original state and keeps the landfills a little less full. 

Top Right Zachariah Amdore Geyer,Left Peter William Geyer,Top Middle Nicoletta Christena Geyer,Bottom Linda Nicoletta Geyer ,Middle Wendy Pridmore and Linda Nicoletta Geyer  bottom Jonhna Blue Hall